Spot the FAKE… Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Throughout this post, I will insert a few pictures of the fake and real Tarte Shape Tape Concealers next to each other. Spoiler alert: if you want to know which one is the real please scroll to the end!

The joys of eBay, ordering something and not knowing what’s going to arrive in the post. I remember a few years back, I thought I’d order myself a doormat, a few weeks later arrived a small envelope with a miniature dolls house doormat inside. Since then, I have always been very skeptical about what I am buying on eBay.

After buying the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in a huge Tarte haul and loving it, I thought I’d see if I could find it on eBay from a UK seller. I was happy to pay the price for it, I just wanted the faster delivery instead of the two weeks wait for shipping from the US. As I browsed, I saw many listed for £4 – £6 which screamed “fake” at me. I then saw one for £16 which seemed more legit as it is only £22 from Tarte and I often see many things for sale for much cheaper, and I myself buy and sell products using eBay and often sell them for much less than the RRP. The item had a “best offer accepted” on it, and I know you can put up to three offers in and come to an agreement with the seller which is quite fun, so I went in low at £10. Around 30 seconds later, I received a notification saying the offer was accepted and alarm bells started to go off in my head. I decided to message the seller to confirm the authenticity of the product and politely advised them to tell the truth as I had the real one straight from Tarte in my drawer, they replied saying that it was real and that it would be sent first class the following day.

After it not arriving and the seller being very keen to satisfy me as a customer, they sent another one out. I knew they couldn’t have possibly sent me two Tarte Shape Tape Concealers for just £10 including postage unless they somehow received them for free which I thought was unlikely.  As soon as it arrived I just knew. Do not get me wrong, this is a very good copy and I do believe that if you do not have the real one in front of you or if you have never bought it before then you would be fooled.

The purple colour on the packaging was ever so slightly off, other than that the bottle it came in was of good quality and I could see no differences to the physical packaging.


I then went on to smell the product and although the authentic concealer from Tarte does have a slight smell to it, the fake one had a strong smell of plastic and chemicals. This is the best way I can describe it. If you are unsure about your purchase of this and open it to find it has a strong, noticeable smell then it is probably fake. The original had such a slight scent to it and was only noticeable if you really gave it a good sniff (not that I’d advise “sniffing” products.

I then thought I would try the product. I would not really recommend this to anyone as due to the smell, we clearly have NO idea what could be in this product or where it has come from. The original is full of natural ingredients that really shouldn’t be harmful to the skin whereas there could be anything in the fake. I used the real one in my normal areas (lower forehead, chin and nose), then under one of my eyes, I then used the fake under one of my other eyes and set with the Shape Tape setting powder to give it a fair shot. I actually asked a few people which one they thought was fake throughout the day. Originally, it was stated that there was not much difference, one person guessed the real side and one guessed the fake but both said they really didn’t know. Later on in the day, both people that I asked was sure that the REAL side was fake, due to the fake side creasing less and looking more flawless. Not what I was hoping for. And this is not me saying to go out and buy the product as the long-term effects are likely to outweigh the short-term benefits of wearing this concealer for the day.


Above are a few more pictures of the two concealers next to each other, the last probably being the most obvious difference. So, as you probably can tell the one on the left is 100% real and bought from Tarte Cosmetics. The one on the right is the fake.

The sticker on the bottom of the REAL one has purple text, has a number/letter code above the shade name and is stuck on a lot more central and much neater.

The text on the FAKE bottle is bolder and a slightly different colour but I can imagine this would be difficult to spot if you can not compare the two.

The REAL bottle says “tarte double duty beauty” on the back and this is the real giveaway. Now, I am unsure and please correct me if I am wrong, if maybe old packaging did not have this on, as I think this is too much of an easy, obvious giveaway compared to the rest of the packaging which is really close.

Now, I am not going to “name and shame” the seller as they did provide me with a full refund, and I have followed the procedures on eBay to hopefully help deter other people from buying this product in the future. I just think it is so important for people to receive more information on fake products, so they have as much knowledge as possible before buying things they are unsure about! Unfortunately, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is and the real one is definitely worth the cost and the wait.

It is also really important to remember that even if you are trying to save money, there are much better dupes out there that are produced by companies that show exactly what products you are using, you would probably save your money even more than buying a fake and then you will not be supporting a concept that is ripping off hard working brands like Tarte. Personally, I would recommend the Revolution Conceal and Define concealer as it has a similar bottle and dofer, it is super long lasting as well as being full of non-harmful ingredients.

I would LOVE to hear about your horror stories of using eBay as well as any products that are being sold that you are unsure of! I love being able to compare fakes to their originals in order to share information. The more people that are aware, the less companies will be able to thrive off of copying and ripping off hard working brands!


With this being my first real post I am still unsure if anyone will see this but if you are here and have made it to the end I would REALLY appreciate your feedback.  There is a “contact” button at the top of the page and I would love to hear from you!

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